Members of the South Ossetian part of the Intergovernmental Commission discussed the timing and procedure for preparation of sectoral development programs

Mon, 29/04/2013 - 19:11

Members of the South Ossetian part of the Intergovernmental Committee on socio-economic cooperation between South Ossetia and Russia at today's meeting in Tskhinval have discussed with the Russian colleagues questions of sectoral development programs to be approved, which will be included in the investment program to promote socio-economic development of South Ossetia.

The meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic Rostislav Khugaev.
Minister of Economic Development Zalina Khugati informed those present that the members of the South Ossetian part of the Intergovernmental should submit to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic the sectoral development programs of their agencies, agreed with the Russian line ministries for subsequent inclusion in the investment program for the coming years.
"Then we will send the sectoral programs to the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia, - explained the minister. - After the sectoral programs to be agreed, we will have a medium-term program up to 2017 and the development strategy until 2030. All of these actions will be included in the Investment program ".
Participants of the meeting also discussed the formation and implementation of the investment program. The Economic Development Minister has noted that each object of capital construction, included in the sectoral program, must necessarily be accompanied by a list of the required documents (technical passport).

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