In South Ossetia has been marked the Day of the Missing

Mon, 31/08/2015 - 11:55

The photo exhibition dedicated to the persons to be missing in South Ossetia "Memories of a lifetime", has been opened today on the Day of the Missing in the Concert Hall "Chermen."
At the exhibition were presented photos from the same book, in which are published stories told by relatives of the missing. The book was published in 2014 in Russian. In 2015, the publication has been translated into Ossetian language and released. These books were also presented at the exhibition.
The photo exhibition was organized by the Department for the Missing headed by Lydia Kudzieva under the South Ossetian public organization "Memory", with the assistance of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
The event was attended by relatives of the persons to be missing during the 1989- 2008Georgian aggression , the ICRC representatives, Vice Premier of South Ossetia Eric Pukhaev, Speaker of the South Ossetian Parliament Anatoly Bibilov, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of South Ossetia for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev, Presidential Adviser for Social Affairs Rodion Siukaev, Presidential Commissioner of South Ossetia for Human Rights Inal Tasoev, Rector of the South Ossetian State University Vadim Tedeev, the government officials and parliamentarians.
Opening the event, Lidia Kudzieva has noted that all the relatives of the missing persons live in hope that someone will clarify the fate of their loved ones.
"Over the past five years a lot has been done. There have been several exhumations, systematic information about the missing. Thanks to the efforts of the Red Cross, many families have received food assistance, and participated in its microeconomic programs. The ICRC regularly organizes commemorative events ", - she said, expressing gratitude to the leadership of the mission and its staff for their full support.
Kudzieva has also expressed gratitude to the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov, as well as to the Presidential Commissioner of South Ossetia for Human Rights Inal Tasoev.
In turn, a brother of one of the missing person Makhar Tedeev has noted that the relatives of the missing persons, live in hope "to get at least some news about them."
"Today I can proudly say what courageous, patriotic, brave were those guys who were ready to give their lives for their country, for freedom, for independence, for the safety of their loved ones. They are real heroes, "- he said.
Deputy of the South Ossetian Parliament Rosa Valieva wished the relatives of the missing patience, endurance, strength and health.
"On the eve of celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Republic, you must not think that we will forget about those who perished and are missing. They will always be in our hearts, during the celebrations, dedicated to our young republic, - she said. - Thank you for your heroism, because you have not lost heart. "
Presidential Envoy Murat Dzhioev has expressed support to the relatives of the persons whose fate is still unknown, noting that the leadership of the Republic is constantly working to seek for any information about the missing persons.
The head of the ICRC mission in South Ossetia Jan Mishkots expressed his solidarity with the families of the persons to be missing in South Ossetia and around the world.
"When people are missing, there are two victims. Those who are missing and their families, friends, who live in despair and hope, with the pain of waiting for the news for many years ", - he said.
Mishkots told about the assistance provided by the mission to the families of the missing persons.
"The ICRC will spare no effort to assist and support the families in their difficult situation and to assist the authorities to find the answers for the families of the missing."
The ICRC representative Marina Tedety expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic and the management of the cinema and concert hall "Chermen" for their support for the event.
At the end of the meeting, participants of the event were presented a documentary film about the creation of the book "Memories of a lifetime."
Today, in the cinema and concert Hall "Chermen" took place a screening of the movie "Water seekers", dedicated to the problem of the missing persons.
It should be noted that as a result of the 1989 -1992 Georgian aggression, more than 140 residents of South Ossetia are listed to be missing.

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