Veronika Dzhioeva: popularization of Ossetian culture is a large-scale work of the state level

Mon, 25/11/2019 - 22:08

The album of the world opera star, People's Artist of South and North Ossetia, Honored Artist of Russia Veronika Dzhioeva "Ritorna vincitor" was nominated for the prestigious International Classical Music Awards (ICMA).

The album was nominated by the American independent record company "Delos Records", specializing in academic music.

The International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) is the most respected award in the world for achievements in sound recording and performing arts.

The winners of the award will be announced on January 21, but regardless of the outcome of the vote, the nomination for the ICMA award in itself is a fact of worldwide recognition of the musician. However, Veronika Dzhioeva can hardly be surprised by prizes. She is one of the most sought-after opera singers: she sings at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater, the Moscow Bolshoi Theater, the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater, and also at the best opera stages in the world. Each time receiving an enthusiastic press, the recognition of experts and opera lovers, and that is rare - colleagues on the stage. Bright beauty, incredible energy, acting, unique beauty of timbre, lyrical and dramatic soprano with a wide range, including low, chest notes allow the singer to perform brilliantly not only in opera, but also in any vocal genre.

In an exclusive interview with IA "Res", Veronika Dzhioeva spoke about the award, immediate plans and love for Ossetian music.

- Veronica, what numbers are included in the "Ritorna vincitor"?

- The album was recorded in Kaunas together with the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra conducted by Konstantin Orbelian. Many famous singers, for example, Dmitry Hvorostovsky, performed and recorded works with this orchestra. The album includes my favorite arias, I myself enjoyed working on the recording, I hope the ICMA jury will like the album as well.

- You had a very busy year, as, indeed, all the last years: Moscow, Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yerevan, Italy, Germany, Spain - all of Europe, the best opera scenes. This, apart from concerts. No feeling tired?

- Of course, I have. Currently, I have a “timeout”, I am in Prague, with my family, doing the most important and beloved duties - the duties of a mother. Flights, performances - this is the life of any actor, otherwise it does not work. So now I’m on vacation, but I’m getting ready to performing: on December 19 my solo concert will be held at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, in January - a masked ball in Moscow, then Prague and the Zurich Opera Aida- it is a serious part, so the preparation is the most thorough.

- You perform at the best opera stages in the world. Which one is the most comfortable for you? Where do you like to sing most of all?

- It's hard to answer. Each scene is good in its own way. Much also depends on the orchestra, conductor, director, stage colleagues. And, of course, from the viewer. I really like to sing in Russian cities, in Siberia, well, and Moscow, St. Petersburg, of course. In Russia - a special audience, with a special emotional mood and perception of music. And I love European scenes.

- Is Ossetia in this busy tour schedule of Veronika Dzhioeva in the near future? At least one of the parts is south or north?

- Unfortunately, it does not appear in the near future. I am pleased to perform at home, for my fellow countrymen. They often write me from both South and North Ossetia: "When will you come with a concert?" I answer: “When I will be invited” - “And can’t you organize a performance yourself?” - well, what can be answered to such proposals ...

Maybe I myself knock on the door of officials responsible for culture: "Invite me, organize my concert." By the way, I don’t know the “responders”. People who are vocal lovers, far from this “workshop”, want to get to my performance, and they don’t understand and should not understand any nuances. There is a universally accepted procedure for organizing concerts and tours, where the artist has one function - to come and perform.

-What is the fate of the “Veronica Dzhioeva Festival”?

"Veronica Dzhioeva Festival" with a full house is held in Moscow, Novosibirsk. There are proposals for its holding in other Russian cities, in Europe. As for the festival in Ossetia, it seems to be planned, but all kinds of overlays are constantly happening. Their elimination is not in my competence.

- It’s a pity because two festivals in Tskhinval showed how Ossetia missed real art, how they love opera. Especially enthusiastically accept your songs in their native language. Any idea to record an Ossetian songs album?

- I really want to record such an album. I will say more - Ossetian songs are also in demand by the Ossetian audience. After our joint performance with Marina Khutugova at the festival in St. Petersburg, very often, inviting me to perform in various cities of Russia, the organizers ask: “Will you sing an Ossetian song”? I will sing, of course, with pleasure, if the harmonist is invited.

So, with the recording of the Ossetian album - we need a serious organizational process to record it in high quality: musical accompaniment, arrangement, good studio. I have no opportunity to deal with organizational issues. The popularization of Ossetian music, culture, as well as any national culture, is a large-scale work that should be carried out at the state level, or at least by philanthropists.

I am part of the Ossetian musical culture, I always, in any interview, talk about my roots and they always ask about them - and this is all that I can do to popularize Ossetia.

- Lately, art has been actively used for political purposes. Somewhere, some Georgian pianist refused to perform with Gergiev, or they organized a "bad press", flash mobs. Has it ever touched you?

- It happens, although rarely. Someone told me that not so long ago the video was in YouTube, where they called me the “Georgian singer”. If there are signals - I react, I can’t track everything myself.

After August 2008, in almost all interviews there were questions about the war, I clarified, told. About it. This topic still arises. Culture, art should be outside politics - I am sincerely convinced of this, but in the modern world this does not always work out.

-Thank you for the interview, fans of your talent hope that Ossetia will appear in the tour schedule of Veronika Dzhioeva.

- I hope too...

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