The people of South Ossetia have a strategic task - it is the unification of the divided Ossetian people, - Anatoly Bibilov


Interview of the presidential candidate of the Republic of South Ossetia Anatoly Ilyich Bibilov to the news agency "Res" on the eve of the presidential elections on April 10.

- Anatoly Ilyich, please tell us about your decision to run for a second presidential term?

– My priority has always been to work for the benefit of the people, serving my Motherland, no matter what position I am holding, whether it is service in the Ossetian peacekeeping battalion of the JPKF, leadership of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, or activity as Speaker of the South Ossetian Parliament.

At one time, when deciding to create the United Ossetia party, I proceeded in the same way from the desire to create a party structure the activities of which would benefit the residents of South Ossetia not only during the election campaign, but on the ongoing basis. From the very beginning, I understood what needs to be done to solve the problems of the population of the Republic, first of all, the socially unprotected strata. These people tend to be the most likely to need practical help and support. Those who suffer and do not have the opportunity to get out of a difficult situation themselves, least of all want to listen to someone's high-flown reasoning. Our citizens can confirm that we did a lot in terms of supporting the population before 2017. Having become the President of the Republic in 2017, I got more opportunities to work for the benefit of the people of South Ossetia.

Over the past five years, serious work has been done to improve the living standards of the citizens of the Republic - salaries, pensions, child benefits and other social benefits have increased significantly. Much has been done to solve the problems of the victims of the fire, whose houses have not been restored, although more than 10 years have passed since the war. Separately, it should be noted the efforts that have been made in the field of ensuring a reliable energy supply to South Ossetia through the construction of a backup power line. Now we are not in danger of being left without electricity again in winter for a whole week or more. Also, with the help of the construction of the Vanat water conduit, the water supply of the city of Tskhinval has been significantly improved.

In addition, for the first time since 2012, farmers and entrepreneurs were able to access concessional loans. Every year, the allocated amounts increase.

A lot of work has been done to create a serious reserve for the coming years. Several programs have been developed and approved, the implementation of which will allow the Republic to take a confident step forward. We are talking about a gasification program, a program for socio-economic development of South Ossetia and an increase in salaries for employees of the Republic's law enforcement agencies. It was not easy to get approval for these development programs, now it is necessary to follow their successful implementation.

In short, serious work is to be done in the coming years, so the decision to run for a second term was made by me with full awareness of the responsibility that will fall on whoever becomes president of South Ossetia.

- Who do you consider the strongest opponent?

– When I took office as president in 2017, I had a vision for the development of this or that area, up to similar roadmaps. There was an understanding of how and where the Republic of South Ossetia should move in matters of foreign and domestic policy, in matters of socio-economic development. A lot has been done in almost every direction, there is something to rejoice at, something to be proud of. However, there is something that could not be implemented. I will not explain this by objective or subjective reasons. I consider as my opponent that Anatoly Bibilov, who would be able to bring all the plans to life 100 percent.

- Which of the world leaders is a role model for you?

- Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Without any doubt, it is he who is a role model as a politician and a person who takes responsibility for the fate of not only Russia, but many other countries that need his support. He is an example of a far-sighted and responsible leader who knows how to identify priority tasks and lead the country to achieve them. I think many world leaders would like to have the same ability to calmly and balancedly solve any complex problem in the interests of their state.

- What areas should the president pay attention to in the first place?

– The priority of this or that sphere largely depends on the current situation and a number of other factors. For example, in wartime, issues related to defense capability and security are an unconditional priority. In peacetime, this is the development of the economy and the social sphere.

Today, we are paying increased attention to the economy and the social direction, directing every opportunity to increase wages, child benefits, disability benefits and other social benefits. For these purposes, the Republic's own revenues are also used, with the help of which programs for concessional lending and the creation of favorable conditions for investors are also financed.

We are systematically working to solve a priority task - improving the living standards of citizens.

At the same time, in addition to solving current problems, the Republic, the people of South Ossetia have a strategic task - to unite the divided Ossetian people within the framework of one state. Our grandfathers and fathers have been trying to solve this problem for many decades, now we must continue their work and bring it to its logical conclusion.

- What should be the president of our state?

- The head of state, first of all, must be responsible, having the courage to make important, and sometimes very difficult decisions. In addition, the president should never lose touch with his people, he is simply obliged to live by the aspirations of his fellow citizens, to share their grief and joy. All decisions of the head of state should be dictated by the desire to improve the lives of the people who entrusted him with such a high post.

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