Ossetians are strong people who want to be independent and free – the American traveler

Tue, 07/09/2021 - 12:10

American citizen Jackson Paul Kramer, detained in South Ossetia for violating the state border, was expelled from the Republic. The American traveler on Monday told reporters at the briefing that he would return to the Republic to learn as much as possible about the Ossetians, culture and traditions. "If I were offered to be the representative of South Ossetia in America, I would tell only good things about South Ossetia," he said.

It should be noted that on August 26, officers of the Border Guard Service of the KGB of South Ossetia in the area of the settlement of Upper Erman (Dzau district), detained a violator of the state border with Georgia. During the investigation, it was established that he was a US citizen Jackson Paul Kramer, born November 9, 1997, a native of North Carolina

Jackson Paul Kramer arrived in Georgia on August 14 this year with the aim of walking along the entire Main Caucasus Range, from the border with Azerbaijan to the coast of Abkhazia, through the territory of South Ossetia.

According to the traveler himself, he chose this route because he was attracted by the Caucasus Mountains for a long time, and is also interested in the culture of the Caucasian peoples.

“The Caucasus Mountains are very beautiful and attract me,” he said. - I am also interested in history. Despite my interest in the history of the Caucasus, I did not know about the existence of the Ossetians and South Ossetia, I wanted to learn about everything on the spot. "

Jackson explained that while making the long route, he did not know about the existence of South Ossetia: “The map did not show it, and therefore I ended up here. I wanted to go from Georgia to the Black Sea. I was detained by Russian border guards who brought me to Tskhinval. I can't even say the exact place of detention. "

The American traveler apologized for not knowing about the existence of the Republic of South Ossetia until that time.

This is not Jackson's first trip, in America he has already covered long distances, and the longest route was from Mexico to Canada, which was 2,600 miles.

Travelling for the soul

Answering the question of journalists what it means to travel, and whether he does it for the soul or pursues some specific goal, he replied: “I wanted to conquer a long route in order to prove to myself, to know my abilities and strength. I love to travel very much, and my father also pushed me to implement my idea, and so I travel for the soul, I really love to travel. "

- Will you continue your journey? Will you complete your route?

- Alas, further continuation of the route is no longer possible, there is no time for its completion. Even before the start of the trip, I booked a return ticket and will fly to America on September 14th. Then I had no idea that I would find myself in such a situation.

I will definitely be back

The American citizen is grateful to fate that this happened, and he was able to learn about the existence of South Ossetia.

“This is a great lesson for me,” he said. - And if I have the opportunity to return to South Ossetia, I will use it. I will have a desire to visit South Ossetia, because there is a very ancient history here, and I will definitely return. "

- How did you find out that South Ossetia has an ancient history, if you didn't even know about its existence? - the journalists asked him.

- While I was here, I was given a book, and I managed to get acquainted with the history of Ossetia and the Ossetian people. In addition, I managed to visit a museum in South Ossetia. I liked everything, - answered the American.

- And how were you treated?

- I was treated very well, no complaints.

At home in America, Jackson is awaited by his father, brother and sister. Although they do not even know that he is in South Ossetia. According to the traveler, he has not yet contacted them, although he had the opportunity to call them. Jackson tied it up with a time difference.

“I haven't seen them for two years because of the restrictions imposed in the country in connection with the spread of coronavirus. I think I will be able to meet with them upon arrival at home,” he noted with a smile.

As noted by himself, for him, this situation is only positive memories and, as they say, does not hold any grudge against the border guards.

“The border service was doing its job, and I have only positive memories of the whole situation,” he assured.

Jackson learned the main lesson from the whole situation - acquaintance with South Ossetia and with the Ossetian people.

“For me, Ossetians are strong people who want to be independent and free,” said the American traveler Jackson Paul Kramer.

Jackson Paul Kramer was brought to administrative responsibility and, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of South Ossetia on the state border, was expelled and handed over to the Georgian side.

The State Security Committee of the Republic of South Ossetia has reminded representatives of all diplomatic missions and international organizations working in Georgia that illegal crossing of the state border can be classified as a criminal offense and punishable by up to two years' imprisonment.

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