The position of the ECHR is unfair, and in this matter, we are not alone, - Сhairman of the "United Alania"

Tue, 08/06/2021 - 18:31

Сhairman of the South Ossetian youth public organization "United Alania" Mikhail Kochiev spoke in an interview with the IA "Res" about plans to participate in the international forums, as well as the reaction of the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC) to the statement of the public organizations "Adamy Nyfs" and "Edinaya Alania ", which spoke about attempts to carry out an unofficial collection of tendentious information on the tragic events of August 2008 on the territory of the Republic.

- Please, tell us what was the ICC's reaction to your appeal regarding the inadmissibility of rewriting the true reasons for the 2008 war?

- The ICC's reaction to our appeal was the same as to the numerous statements of the citizens of South Ossetia. Namely - complete disregard. Including - from the side of pro-Western international organizations. They have shown a reluctance to consider the issues identified and give a one-sided assessment of these events. They did not even honor us with their answer, thereby showing that they disdain the very concept of objectivity.

However, such a hostile attitude did not show anything new for us in the position of the ICC. From the very beginning of the existence of the so-called international courts, we saw their bias, a bright tendentious orientation against Russia and its friends. This applies to the ICC, and the ECHR and others, and not only the courts.

Unfortunately, back in the 2000s, we witnessed a rapid slide into biased positions of such an influential organization as the OSCE, which "blinked", but in fact turned a blind eye to the preparation and start of Georgia's war against South Ossetia in 2008, the consequences of which we are discussing now. The fact that the ICC does not want to take into account the voice of the future - the voice of our youth - does not value our people at all, indicates that the ICC is biased. The position of the ECHR is unfair, and we are not alone in this matter. How can you conduct a dialogue with them in such conditions?

- What will be the further actions of the United Alania on this issue?

- We will continue to work to draw attention to this issue from other public organizations in South Ossetia. We also plan to intensify contacts with Russian youth and public organizations, including human rights organizations. We will conduct a dialogue with international objective, honest and conscientious organizations that adhere to the main criterion - truth, justice and equality of peoples.

- How is cooperation with youth organizations of the Russian Federation developing, is it planned this year for youth to participate in international forums?

- Our cooperation with youth organizations of the Russian Federation has faced serious problems in connection with the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Both we ourselves and our friendly partner youth organizations in Russia were directly involved in eliminating the consequences of the new coronavirus infection, including through the volunteer movement. Many of them were working in the "red zones" of medical institutions in their cities.

Now we have fully restored our communication and have already taken part in several forums and joint events in Russia and South Ossetia.

For example, on May 9, we held an action in honor of Victory Day, and also took part in the international action "Newspaper of Victory", which, on our initiative, is held in a number of Russian regions and even in several foreign countries.

This action consists in the free distribution of the reprinted edition of the Pravda newspaper dated May 9, 1945. There are also plans to participate in the forums this summer.

- Are all these questions raised by your representatives during their participation in various forums?

- Of course, there are acute questions of the bias of international organizations in relation to both Russia and South Ossetia, especially their biased and politically motivated position regarding Georgia's full-scale military aggression against the Republic of South Ossetia and Russia in August 2008.

We are not alone in expressing concern about the ongoing pressure on Russia. Our position is shared by all objective and sober-minded people.

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