KGB of South Ossetia has reacted to the construction of fortifications by Georgia near the border

Fri, 25/09/2020 - 12:31

The State Security Committee of South Ossetia has noted the positive dynamics in the change of the attitude of residents of the border Georgian villages, some non-governmental and international organizations to the issue of the state border between South Ossetia and Georgia, the KGB press service of the Republic reports.

“Since September 2019, the South Ossetian side has managed to draw the attention of the Georgian public to the unilateral process of demarcation of the state border line.

In total, about seven kilometers of the state border have been equipped over the past period; new information marks have been put up.

Thanks to the reasonable initiative and actions in line with the interests of South Ossetia, the leader of the "Strength in Unity" movement D. Katsarava, the border population of Georgia is timely and fully informed about these events and the line of crossing the State Border on the ground, and the Georgian authorities develop an understanding of the political subjectivity of the Republic of South Ossetia, ”the press service said.

As noted by the KGB, during the investigative measures carried out by the investigative bodies of the RSO KGB Border Service, it was established that the Georgian population closely monitors the activities of the Georgian NGOs, positively evaluates their work, and also realizes legal responsibility for violating the border legislation of South Ossetia.

"In this regard, the counterproductive position of the Georgian leadership, which allowed in September this year the" Worthy Partner - 2020 "military exercises with the participation of NATO countries, to be held in the immediate vicinity of the South Ossetian-Georgian border with the participation of NATO countries, arouses particular caution," the special service noted.

The RSO KGB believes that "instead of withdrawing its armed formations, stopping illegal construction work and de-escalating tensions, as well as resolving the issue of environmental terrorism, which can cause significant harm to the nature of South Ossetia and create serious problems for local residents, the Georgian regime continues to destabilize the situation by strengthening and improving of fortifications in the immediate vicinity of the South Ossetian border. "

The Committee has reported that on September 16 this year, in the vicinity of the village of Sinagur, Dzau , the construction of a Georgian police checkpoint has resumed. In this area, a group of up to 20 servicemen was recorded, which was working on the construction and strengthening of defensive structures, including from recycled car tires, as well as equipping firing positions for armored vehicles.

At the same time, the Georgian side opposite the city of Tskhinval, in the vicinity of the settlement Upper Nikozi, the work is underway to build fences, caponiers, and fortifications for possible use of military purposes.

In this regard, the KGB of the RSO emphasizes that such actions of the Tbilisi regime do not contribute to the stabilization of the situation and run counter to the declared position of Georgia on the alleged commitment to exclusively peaceful methods of resolving acute issues and post-conflict settlement in general.

The KGB once again reminds that all border facilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, as well as possible directions of penetration of violators of the state border, are in the control zones and sectors of influence of the border forces of South Ossetia.

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