Gratitude to those who are saving the sick

Thu, 05/11/2020 - 13:06

The work of medical workers cannot be overestimated, since the lives of people in trouble often depend on them, - says the head of The Fund for support of the wounded who became disabled during the fighting on the territory of South Ossetia from 1989 to 2008.

“Every person should thank the person who saved his life, who provided all possible help. We are indebted to South Ossetian doctors, nurses. Since the end of the 1980s, they have been saving the lives of our defenders of the Fatherland, and after that they were helped by Russian doctors. It is thanks to their reverent attitude towards the health of the citizens that many people are working today for the good of the Republic and are raising children. And this is worth a lot, "- said Plieva.

The head of the Fund has reminded that the South Ossetian medical workers showed their medical talent and dedication to their work especially clearly in the most difficult years of the Georgian aggression, when, in the absence of elementary conditions, the most complex operations were successfully carried out. And today, real professionals are working in the healthcare sector, performing their duties at a high level.

She believes that even today, in the context of a difficult epidemiological situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic in South Ossetia and a sharp increase in the number of patients with COVID-19, it is worth addressing words of gratitude to South Ossetian and Russian health workers.

“Our gratitude to them is just a little support in their difficult work, in the fight against the invisible enemy. And the banner installed at the intersection of Putin and Stalin streets is a sign of our attention and appreciation of their work. Russia always comes to our aid. And we remember very well the courage and bravery of the Russian military in the August war, when they, along with our defenders of the Motherland, were able to resist and defeat the enemy. They did not leave our citizens today, when we are fighting the coronavirus, " sayd the head of the Fund.

On behalf of President Anatoly Bibilov, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic sent a letter to its Russian colleagues with a request to help in the fight against coronavirus and send a military field hospital to the republic. The reaction of Russia was immediate, and already on October 27, a military field hospital for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection, designed for 150 beds, arrived in Tskhinval. The hospital has everything you need to combat COVID-19, carrying out full diagnostics and treatment. These are artificial lung ventilation devices (IVL), intensive observation monitors, X-ray machines, ultrasound scanners, blood analyzers and a PCR laboratory.

Madina Plieva called Russian and South Ossetian medical workers "angels in white coats" and expressed her deep gratitude to them. “Ossetians are grateful people, and we remember everyone who helped us in the most difficult times. Russian doctors are saving the lives of our citizens and are strengthening their health. And today we need this help more than ever. I thank them very much and I bow to them,” she stressed.

According to the head of the Fund, medical workers are a symbol of hope and help in difficult times and, having taken the Hippocratic oath, they remain faithful to their vocation, feel the pain of others in their hearts, do everything to preserve the health and life of each patient.

Madina Plieva is calling on the citizens of South Ossetia to observe security measures as much as possible in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and to follow the recommendations of epidemiologists.

Алена Джиоты
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