South Ossetian Foreign Ministry has denied reports of mass resettlement of Leningor residents to Georgia

Fri, 27/11/2020 - 23:48

In a number of media, at the suggestion of the Georgian side, a statement was issued that the majority of the population of Leningor district of the Republic of South Ossetia wanted to move from the Republic to Georgia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia, at the request of the “Res” news agency, provided the information on the number of citizens transported across the state border between South Ossetia and Georgia for permanent residence in Georgia within the framework of the International Committee of the Red Cross's program “Family Ties Reunification” from the beginning of the year to the present day.

From the information provided by the Ministry, it follows that 46 people out of the declared 48 were transported to Georgia for permanent residence (the remaining two will be transported on December 1 and 2), 5 people were transported to a permanent place of residence in the Republic of South Ossetia.

One of them - Shalva Gayozovich Kaziev - first left for Georgia, and then decided to return to South Ossetia, explaining that the move to Georgia was not well thought out by him.

“Currently, 16 requests are being processed. Of these, about moving to Georgia - 12 requests for 14 people, and in South Ossetia - 4 requests for 7 people,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Of these 12 requests, the department added, moving to permanent residence in Georgia, two applicants subsequently reported that they had not yet made a final decision.

It turns out that this is an ordinary fake, but the question arises, who in Georgia wants to spread deliberately the false information?

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