Russian compatriot - a person who loves Russia - head of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo

Tue, 26/01/2021 - 12:58

The head of the Rossotrudnichestvo office in South Ossetia, Sergei Skvortsov, and the head of the organization of Russian compatriots in the Republic, Svetlana Kotaeva, spoke at a press conference in Tskhinval about the organization's work plans for 2021.

According to Skvortsov, Rossotrudnichestvo intends to move away from the patterns of Soviet times, when "Russia's humanitarian aid to other countries was not advertised."

“We, in turn, also intend to promote the active entry of Russian business into South Ossetia, the representative office in this regard will play an intermediary role with the South Ossetian business community,” he said.

Sergey Skvortsov has also noted that the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Republic actively interacts with the Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots in the Republic, and its main information partner is Sputnik South Ossetia.

“Organizations of Russian compatriots help us in holding events, we together act as a united force, and without them, of course, we cannot imagine our activities,” Skvortsov stressed.

The head of the representative office also spoke about how the definition of "Russian compatriot" is perceived in the Republic.

“In South Ossetia, many people consider themselves to be Russian compatriots. In my opinion, a person's belonging to this concept is not determined by the presence of Russian citizenship or knowledge of the Russian language. I think this is everyone who loves and knows Russia, accepts it for what it is,” he said.

Concerning the holding of festive events this year, the conference participants have noted that this issue is interconnected with the epidemiological situation in the Republic.

“We have planned a number of evenings for significant dates - Victory Day, Russia Day, anniversaries of Russian writers. Contests, quizzes, etc. are also planned. However, everything depends on how the epidemiological situation in the Republic will develop,” said Svetlana Kotaeva, head of the Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots in the Republic.

Sergey Skvortsov, in turn, added that "the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo is optimistic and hopes that the plans outlined this year will be implemented".

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