Volunteers from South Ossetia installed the Alania flag at the bottom of the Black Sea

Mon, 22/02/2021 - 13:45

Volunteers from South Ossetia, sent to the Crimea for rehabilitation, installed the national flag of Alanya at the bottom of the Black Sea. As one of the volunteers Marat Bagaev told IA "Res", the place for diving was chosen Cape Tarkhankut, located at a relative distance from convenient routes.

“I have long wanted to realize this idea. The fact is that I was inspired by the example of the participants of the Arctic 2007 expedition, who made the first ever ice dive to the ocean floor at the geographic point of the North Pole, where the Russian flag was installed. The guys took up my initiative, after which it was supported by President of our Republic Anatoly Bibilov, and thus we managed to implement the plan,” said Marat Bagaev.

According to him, the volunteers got acquainted with the most beautiful places of Cape Tarkhankut, including the Chalice of Love - a pool that was formed millions of years ago.

“The depth of the bowl is about 6.5 meters. It is surrounded by rocks and filled with sea water flowing through an underground tunnel. By the way, Ichthyander was sailing through it in the well-known film "Amphibian Man". The guys and I jumped into the bowl from the ledge, and I want to say, the sensations were incredible,” said Bagaev.

It should be noted that nine residents of South Ossetia, who were working as volunteers in the "red zones" of medical institutions of the Republic during the coronavirus pandemic, were sent to rest in the sanatoriums of the Crimea with the assistance of the President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov.

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