Georgian citizen who violated the border was expelled without penalties

Mon, 01/03/2021 - 21:38

The border authorities of South Ossetia detained and expelled back a citizen of Georgia who violated the state border, the press service of the State Security Committee reported on Monday.

"On February 26, in the evening, in the vicinity of the village of Orchosan, Leningor district of the RSO, the border authorities of the Republic detained a citizen of Georgia Amiran Mantashashvili, born in 1992, a resident of Tbilisi, who had illegally crossed into the territory of South Ossetiao.

It is established that the illegal act of the violator was prompted by the attack on him by Georgian collectors, as a result of the incident with which he received a knife wound in his hand," the press service said.

The KGB noted that "having made a decision to hide from the persecutors, Amiran Mantashashvili moved towards the South Ossetian-Georgian state border, at the same time resorting to the help of the Power in Unity NGO, which deals with borderland issues."

"At the same time, the head of the said NGO movement D. Katsarava personally recommended the most convenient border crossing sections, so that Mantashashvili could safely reach the South Ossetian border guard detachment, receive qualified medical assistance and possible shelter in a timely manner," the text says.

The Committee notes that, taking into account the restrictive measures and the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic in Georgia, as well as the lack of clear political motives for the offender, after providing first aid, it was decided to expel him to the Georgian territory on the same day without any material payments and penalties.

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