Ambassador to Editor-in-Chief of the IA "Res": Your long-term activity has won recognition of the South Ossetian audience

Mon, 31/05/2021 - 13:16

On Sunday, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov congratulated Maya Kharebova, editor-in-chief of the IA «Res":, on her birthday.

“Your long-term professional activity, aimed at the development of national journalism, improvement of print and electronic media, has earned the respect of colleagues and recognition of the South Ossetian audience,” the message says.

Kulakhmetov noted that “thanks to the inexhaustible energy, her talent and experience of the organizer, the coordinated work of the Committee of Information and Press of the Republic of South Ossetia and the“ flagship ”of the national media space of the information agency“ Res ”is ensured, which always objectively and timely covers events in the Republic and in the Russian Federation, with an emphasis on the successes and achievements of the multifaceted Russian-South Ossetian allied relations. "

“We value the good relations that have developed between the Embassy and the Committee and are ready to continue close cooperation,” the Ambassador stressed, wishing Kharebova good health, prosperity, achievement of her goals, new creative victories and all the very best.

The Defense Minister of the Republic Ibragim Gasseev also congratulated Maya Kharebova on the holiday.

“Over the years of your work, you have established a reputation as a high professional in your field, able to solve a wide range of professional problems,” Gasseev noted.

The head of the Ministry of Defense wished Kharebova female happiness, good health, joyful events, good spirits and good mood.

“Let your favorite work bring success, and every day will be eventful and fruitful,” the Minister concluded.

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