KGB of South Ossetia has warned of responsibility for possible provocations on the state border

Tue, 22/06/2021 - 12:47

The KGB of South Ossetia announced on Tuesday that any provocations on the state border of the Republic will be suppressed within the framework of the law.

The press service of the State Security Committee of the Republic issued a message stating that within the framework of the regular meeting on June 15 in the IPRM format, in addition to global challenges and threats to security in Transcaucasia, the parties discussed the further fate of the citizen of Georgia Z. Gakheladze, who is serving a sentence for illegal crossing of the state border and using weapons against representatives of the border authorities of the Republic.

"Despite the importance of resolving this issue within the framework of international mechanisms, declared by the Georgian party some opposition forces in Georgia are making attempts to disrupt the negotiation process," the text says.

The Committee has noted that on June 17, the leader of the Georgian public movement Strength in Unity, D. Katsarava, on his Facebook page, announced another provocative initiative on June 23, 2021, allegedly aimed at encouraging the Georgian leadership to take more active steps to release the convict. ...

"According to the statement of D. Katsarav, the family of Z. Gakheladze, with the support of the NGO movement, is organizing a protest action in the immediate vicinity of the border of the Republic of South Ossetia, after which the participants plan to block the central highway. Given the nature of the activities of the "Force in Unity", the possibility of attempts to persuade the participants of the action to illegally cross the South Ossetian-Georgian border is not excluded, " the report says

The KGB has reminded these public figures about one of the basic principles of legal responsibility - its inevitability. "Any person who has committed an offense on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia is subject to punishment or other measures of influence provided for by the administrative and criminal legislation of the Republic. Release from liability or punishment is carried out if there are grounds and conditions provided for by the Law, but not as a result of political blackmail", - noted the special service.

The KGB has emphasized that the implementation of such provocative initiatives, regardless of who is the initiator, not only does not contribute to the diplomatic and civilized solution of existing contradictions, but also causes significant damage to the negotiation process as a whole.

"It is especially regrettable that the Georgian provocative action scheduled for June 23 was initiated by the leader of the NGO movement D. Katsarava, who previously took a constructive and balanced position on border security issues and regularly informed residents of the Georgian border area about the state border line in order to prevent them from violating the law. in the border area, "the press service said.

The KGB has emphasized that any attempts to violate the administrative and legal regimes established on the state border will be suppressed within the framework of the current legislation, and also calls on the competent authorities of Georgia and citizens to prevent such actions.

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