Combat and mobilization readiness, preparation for ARMI-2021: the tasks of the South Ossetian army have been defined

Thu, 22/07/2021 - 17:50

An expanded meeting of the officers was held at the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia, at which Minister of Defense Ibragim Gasseev defined the tasks for the near future, brought the requirements for the quality and timing of the main tasks solved by the Armed Forces in the summer training period of 2021. This was reported by the press service of the Defense Ministry.

The Defense Minister paid special attention to combat and mobilization readiness, holding assembly events with various categories of citizens in the reserve, carrying out garrison and guard services, training military units according to approved programs, the moral and psychological state of the personnel, improving military infrastructure, and other everyday issues. activities of troops.

During the meeting, the results of the qualifying competitions among the teams of military units preparing for the "Excellence in Military Intelligence" competition, held as part of the International Army Games - 2021, were summed up.

The training of the teams was planned and carried out in such a way that the servicemen were able to show high results and adequately represent the Ministry of Defense and the Republic of South Ossetia at the international level.

The selection involved 5 teams from the special forces battalion, the guard of honor company, and the training company. In the course of training and directly in the final competitions, the servicemen showed purposefulness, perseverance in mastering knowledge, abilities and skills and in improving professional training. The qualifying competitions showed the ability of the servicemen both for individual actions and as part of groups (squads). The commanders and chiefs responsible for combat training achieved the fulfillment of all assigned tasks on time, created all the necessary conditions for high-quality training in various military disciplines.

The first group from the special forces battalion, which had been trained for several months, performed out of competition and showed the best results, despite the fact that they performed at all stages not only in full gear, but also with additional load.

Ibrahim Gasseev thanked the servicemen for their excellent work and directed the team to achieve high results in the ARMI-2021 competition.

It should be rereminded that the preparation took place in the following stages of the competition: "Landing and making a march", "Competition of scouts - specialists", "Complex of obstacles" Scout's path "," Shooting "," Exit of the reconnaissance group to the gathering area after completing the task. "

At the end of the event, the Defense Minister awarded the best team and the best military specialists with a challenge cup and certificates.

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