"Just not to forget ..." the action of memory is taking place on the "Gergiev Stairs" in Tskhinval

Sat, 07/08/2021 - 23:46

The hour of memory and sorrow "Just Not to Forget ..." is taking place on Saturday evening at the Gergiev Stairs, where in August 2008 the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra conducted a requiem concert under the direction of Valery Gergiev on the ruins of the country's parliament building. Since then, a memorial event is held here annually.

On the steps of the stairs are photographs of victims of the genocide. The screen is showing footage of the tragic events of August 2008, mourning music is sounding. Hundreds of residents of the capital came to the action to pay tribute to the memory of the fallen civilians and Russian peacekeepers.

"I remember this day as yesterday, if only it would not happen again. Every year on August 8, we residents of Tskhinval, who survived the horrors of war, come here to light a candle. Let them in heaven know that we remember them. These horrors cannot be forgotten. Peace and health to all of us.... ", - shared with the IA" Res "a resident of Tskhinval Madina.

Officials of the Eepublic led by President Anatoly Bibilov, delegations from Abkhazia led by President Aslan Bzhania and North Ossetia led by the Acting Head of the Republic Sergey Menyailo, who arrived in the Republic for commemorative events, came to honor the memory of the victims of the genocide on 08.08.08. Ex-presidents Ludwig Chibirov and Leonid Tibilov also took part in the commemorative actions.

Anatoly Bibilov has noted that the tragic page of modern history has being remembered in the republic for 13 years in a row.

"We came to remember what happened 13 years ago, we came to remember the people who gave their lives, we must not forget the Zar, Ered, Tsinagar tragedies, the people who were the first to fall into the millstones of the fascist leadership of Georgia, remember the tears of our mothers, this not passing pain and tragedy. And now for us the most important task is to create for the good of the future of our children, so that people live in peace ... ", - he said.

The head of state addressed those present to honor the memory of the victims of the genocide.

Anatoly Bibilov called the action of the then Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, who sent troops to the sleeping Tskhinval, at a time when he had made a statement of peaceful intentions the day before, as a real cynicism.

"And today, what kind of cynicism you need to have to appeal to Russia with a demand to revoke the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, a person wonders how they are not ashamed. If Russia had listened to these appeals in 2008, how many victims would Georgia have brought to the altar of fascism, " the president stressed.

President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania has noted that in August 2008, great Russia showed that it does not leave its friends in trouble.

"We will be eternally grateful to great Russia for the fact that, despite the pressure exerted on it, it made a bold decision, supporting our peoples in their quest for freedom and independence. Today we bow our heads to our heroes who gave their lives," he said.

Bzhania has stressed that South Ossetia and Abkhazia today stand on the path of development, people live in peace.

"But we must not relax, Georgia still refuses to sign a peace treaty," he said.

Acting Head of North Ossetia Sergei Menyailo has stressed that the Russian army, peacekeepers, residents of South Ossetia managed to defend the independence of the Republic.

"Today South Ossetia is a free republic recognized by Russia. This is not only a tragic, but a heroic story that in August 2008 everyone stood up to defend their homes when the Georgian aggressor invaded the Republic," he said.

The action continues with speeches by members of the public.

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