A signal release of the English version of the book by Ludwig Chibirov "Ossetian Nartiada" has been published

Thu, 28/10/2021 - 15:49

The North Ossetian publishing house "Ir" has released a signal copy of the English version of the book "Ossetian Nartiada".by Professor Ludwig Chibirov

As the author, Ludwig Chibirov, told IA "Res, " the idea of ​​publishing the book in English appeared during the presentation of the "Ossetian Nartiada". by Professor Tamerlan Kambolov.

"Professor Kambolov is an ideological supporter of the popularization of the Ossetian science, he suggested that the book should be translated in English in order to make it possible for the scientific world in different countries, scientists dealing with Ossetian subjects and nartology to get acquainted with it. The idea was supported by the scientific community of Ossetia. a copy was issued by the publishing house "Ir», the entire circulation is being prepared for printing in the Rostov printing house," Ludwig Alekseevich shared.

According to him, our compatriot, a native of Dzau, Elena Karsanova, a Candidate of Philology, specializing in scientific translations, was engaged in the translation of the book. The author of the book continued that as soon as the circulation was published, the books would be sent to scientific centers, universities in different countries specializing in Ossetian subjects.

"In our time, attempts to rewrite history, myth-making, including attempts to challenge Dumizilev's theory of the Ossetian core of the Nartiada, do not stop. Therefore, such works are needed, as are their English-language versions. Let them try to challenge it," said Professor Chibirov.

In addition, according to him, the work on the three-volume "Encyclopedia of the Ossetian Nartiada", the result of several years of work by a team of authors under his leadership, is coming to an end.

The monograph "Ossetian Nartiada: Mythological Origins and Areal Connections" by Ludwig Chibirov was published in Vladikavkaz, in the publishing house "Ir" in 2016. The author chose the subject of research "comparative parallels going from the Nart epic to the Scythians, and through them to European, Iranian and Indo-Iranian antiquities, the epic space of Europe ". This reflects the three main lines of development of modern studies of the Ossetian Nart epic.

This work, according to experts, will become a catalyst for a new round in the study of legends about the Narts, since, summing up the observations of Ossetian and foreign nartologists, the author's well-reasoned and well-aimed observations are presented.

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