We have been going for a long time to ensure constant energy supply to South Ossetia - Nurgaliev

Fri, 26/11/2021 - 20:19

The reserve power transmission line is a gigantic project that we have been going for a long time, - Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Rashid Nurgaliyev said at the ceremony of launching a backup power transmission line in South Ossetia.

"For a very long time we have been trying to ensure the security and constant energy supply of South Ossetia. There were many different projects, many different technological cycles were calculated, and I am glad that thanks to such joint efforts we found the only right optimal project. For many years, especially in the off-season, the Republic observed a power outage, which disrupted the work of many social facilities. There were very difficult conditions, especially in winter," Nurgaliyev said.

According to him, he repeatedly had to meet with Anatoly Ilyich, to hold meetings that were aimed at achieving an appropriate result.

“Today I am grateful to everyone - Energoprogress, those builders, people who practically solved this problem. On the 27th we held a meeting in South Ossetia, and on the 28th we were here and we saw with our own eyes how the work was going. We were all worried because we had tight deadlines, "Nurgaliev noted.

Nurgaliev stressed that the backup power line was built in very difficult conditions.

“This mountain is not homogeneous and here it was necessary to use various technical mechanisms. It is also important that the line was built in very difficult conditions, it is precisely a fire-retardant cable line that allows using a voltage of 110 kV,” he noted.

The Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council thanked all the participants in the project and expressed hope that the new backup line would allow the residents of South Ossetia to live with a stable energy supply.

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