He has provided communication, risking his life: the Russian Ministry of Defense spoke about the feat of Stanislav Dzhioev

Tue, 22/03/2022 - 13:54

The head of the communications station, an ensign Stanislav Dzhioev, risking his life, has provided Russian units with stable communications. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

"During the construction of a pontoon crossing over the river, being at a distance from the main forces of the group, units of Russian troops were subjected to mortar fire. An unequal battle with the Ukrainian nationalists ensued. Ensign Dzhioev's car, which provides communication between units with the higher headquarters, received shrapnel damage from an exploding shell, as a result of which it was disabled," the department said.

Stanislav Dzhioev, showing courage and heroism, climbed onto the roof of the car and for more than half an hour was personally holding the tilted antenna in the direction of the satellite and at the same time leading his subordinates repairing it under the continuous enemy fire. “Thanks to the selfless actions of the ensign Dzhioev and the competent leadership of the crew, continuous command and control of the troops was ensured. This helped to repel the enemy's attack and launch a counteroffensive," the Russian Defense Ministry noted.

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