"Relatives of the missing in South Ossetia took part in a seminar with the support of the ICRC

Fri, 27/05/2022 - 19:51

A seminar organized with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for the families of persons missing in connection with the conflicts of the 1990s and 2008 was held the day before in the conference hall of the Iryston Hotel in Tskhinvali, Res was informed in the press service of the ICRC.

Nine representatives of the families of the missing took part in the event. The seminar was also attended by members of the Coordination Mechanism on Missing Persons, Commissioner for Human Rights Inal Tasoev and Deputy Commissioner for Post-Conflict Resolution Egor Kochiev.

“Today’s module was devoted to the process of searching for missing persons, and it is part of a large international conference with the participation of more than 500 families from 37 regions and countries, which was launched in September 2021,” said Nikita Logachev, a delegate from the ICRC’s protection department.

The seminar covered three important aspects of the process of clarifying the fate and whereabouts of missing persons: the role of the family in the search process, search activities in another country, and the process of identifying human remains. In addition to being informative, such seminars help families feel a sense of community, exchange views and get involved in the initiatives proposed in the discussion process.

"At our previous meeting, we discussed the possibility of creating a community on any of the social media platforms for contact between families and the exchange of information on the results of the search for our missing relatives. It would be good if we decided today on who will run the channel, and what information can be exchanged there," commenting on the introductory informational video from the Central Tracing Agency, says Lena, whose father and uncle have been missing since the conflict in the early 1990s.

Verified information from various sources about the possible whereabouts of the missing person is perhaps the main factor in determining the results of the search. The families of the missing, the authorities and the ICRC continue to contact anyone who may have reliable information about the fate and whereabouts of persons missing in the armed conflicts of the 1990s and 2008.

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