The Georgian citizen paid 10,000 rubles for the illegally crossing the state border of South Ossetia - Ministry of Justice

Thu, 16/06/2022 - 15:12

The bailiff service of the Ministry of Justice of South Ossetia initiated enforcement proceedings on the basis of a writ of execution issued by the border service of the KGB of the Republic, on the recovery of an administrative fine for illegal border crossing.

The press service of the Ministry of Justice reports that "according to the decision of the KGB border service, a Georgian citizen was found guilty of committing an administrative offense, in connection with which she was sentenced to a fine of 10 thousand rubles."

“Within the term established by law, the Georgian citizen M. did not comply with the decision of the PS KGB of the Republic of South Ossetia, as a result of which the writ of execution was sent to the Bailiff Service of the Ministry of Justice for the enforcement of a fine. An administrative fine in the amount of 10,000 rubles was recovered from the debtor in full. Based on Clause 1, Part 1, Article 47 of the Law of the Republic of South Ossetia “On Enforcement Proceedings”, the enforcement proceedings have been completed by the actual execution,” the press service said in the statement.

Illegal crossing is considered the crossing of the State border of South Ossetia without valid documents for the right to enter or leave the territory of the Republic or without proper permission obtained in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of South Ossetia.

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