“Invaluable experience, lamp evening, reviews and criticism”: a vocalist from South Ossetia about the Tavrida Forum

Sat, 06/08/2022 - 16:06

A student of St. Petersburg State University, a young performer from South Ossetia Oleg Pliev took part in the art cluster Tavrida. Pliev told reporters about the forum of young cultural and art workers "Tavrida - 2022" and shared his plans for the future.

“I took part in the Tavrida art cluster as a sound engineer and received a lot of useful information on the profile at the lectures conducted by experts Yevgeny Potsikaylik, Nadezhda Rakhmanova, Lyubov Zolotova and Alexander Mikhlin. All of them are professionals in their field and kindly shared their knowledge with us. Nuances when recording vocals and choosing a microphone, concert equipment, various auxiliary programs for setting up equipment and much more, which experts told us about, I think will qualitatively impact on my future work,” he said.

Oleg Pliev has noted that during the forum a meeting was held with listening to the works of the participants, where everyone could receive feedback and criticism.

“All the works sounded cool. At some point, my self-esteem even began to fall from the fact that it seemed that my work was not at all on the level that the guys show. But then after I showed some of my unreleased tracks - (Talyng com and Chemicals) I got very good feedback from our experts. They also explained to me which places should be corrected, for which I am very grateful,” the performer shared.

According to him, the race was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of jazz music in Russia.

"It was called the Yuri Bashmet and Igor Butman Mentoring Academy. The trip took place thanks to our Youth Policy and Sports Committee," he said. Oleg Pliev said that the last evening in Tavrida was remembered as the most "lamp-like".

“At first, I performed with my songs on the campfire site, because everyone saw how people were performing on stage, but I myself could not, because I managed to get sick on the very first day. After that, we were talking with the guys-sound engineers and experts in the studio, in a lamp atmosphere and sat like that until about two in the morning, and then moved to another place and joined the guys with the guitar. They were singing different songs all night, and then met the dawn. It was the incredible day,” he said.

The Forum participant expressed his gratitude to the Youth Policy and Sports Committee for the experience gained.

“I can say that everyone I met in Tavrida is definitely good at what they do, especially our team of sound engineers. Special thanks to our Youth Policy and Sports Committee, without which all this would not have happened. Next year I will definitely apply in the hope of getting there again,” the Forum participant has emphasized.

The young man also said that in July he had released a new song "Home", which can be heard on all digital platforms.

“I'm going to release a lot of releases in the near future, if there is enough time to record and mix them. I am also planning a small concert, but I have not yet decided on the place and time,” Pliev has clarified.

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