Rivals of the team of the army of South Ossetia at the "Tank biathlon" have been determined

Tue, 09/08/2022 - 16:55

The draw for the Individual Race stage among the teams participating in the Tank Biathlon competition of the International Army Games - 2022 took place in the Patriot Park in the Moscow Region.

According to the results of the draw, the team of the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia will be competing on green combat vehicles and will be competing with teams from Iran, Mali, Zimbabwe, the press service of the defense department reported.

Tankers from Laos, Iran, the Republic of Abkhazia, Armenia, Mali, Tajikistan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Myanmar and Sudan are performing in the second division along with our team.

The first arrival of the South Ossetian tankers will take place on August 14.

“This year, to our great regret, the relay race was canceled in the second division. Our guys will make every effort to win in the individual races,” said Colonel Vladimir Dzagoev, captain of the Guards team.

It should be reminded that the team of the national army of South Ossetia is participating in the Tank Biathlon competition for the third time and has previously shown good results, and this year we expect them to VICTORY!

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