There are no victims of the earthquake among the Ossetians living in Turkey – the head of the Diaspora

Tue, 07/02/2023 - 10:41

Among the Ossetians living in Turkey, there are no victims of the earthquake, the head of the Ossetian diaspora in the country, Sadrettin Kusov, told the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Alania".

“Here, in Turkey, people are used to earthquakes, they happen quite often, but in 10 cities at once… It really shocked everyone. It is already known that more than a thousand people have died, and perhaps this figure will grow. Ossetians live in these 10 cities, including representatives of the Kusov family. I phoned them. Thank God, no one was hurt. But the tremors continue,” Kusov said.

 The earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred at night in southern Turkey. According to the latest data, 1498 people died, more than 5.3 thousand were injured. Damage was also reported in several regions of Syria, tremors were also felt in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

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