Fruitful cooperation between the parliaments of South and North Ossetia will be developing dynamically - Alan Alborov

Fri, 26/05/2023 - 20:24

Chairman of the Parliament of South Ossetia Alan Alborov congratulated Chairman of the Parliament of North Ossetia Taimuraz Tuskaev on the day of the formation of the legislative body of the republic.

“Parliament plays a leading role in the development of the state and society. Creation of a reliable legislative foundation, ensuring socio-economic development, meeting the needs of society, guaranteeing stability and justice are the main tasks of parliamentarians. The bills adopted by the deputies make it possible to form a socially oriented budget and ensure the safety of citizens,” the Speaker’s congratulations, published on the official website of the Parliament, read.

Alborov expressed confidence that the fruitful cooperation between the parliaments of the south and north of Ossetia would continue to develop dynamically.

The Speaker wished the deputies and the staff of the Parliament good health, success in their creative work for the well-being and prosperity of their native Republic.

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