The authorities of South Ossetia expelled from the Republic six citizens of Georgia who had violated the state border

Mon, 10/07/2023 - 15:13

On Monday, the authorities of South Ossetia expelled six citizens of Georgia from the Republic, who had violated the regime of the state border while intoxicated, reports the KGB of the Republic.

According to the Committee, the violators were detained on July 6 by officers of the South Ossetian border authorities in the vicinity of the village of Grom in the Tskhinval district.

“Six citizens of Georgia - Bebnadze Paata Melsingovich, Begiashvili Beka Emirovich, Geliashvili Mamuka Mevludovich, Kudzhoshvili Tariel Tarielovich, Uznadze Goga Shalvovich - residents of the village of Mejvriskhevi of the Gori municipality and Baliashvili Nika Kakhaevich - a resident of the village of Akhrisi of the Gori municipality - while intoxicated, deliberately crossed the South Ossetian-Georgian border,” the statement of the KGB reads.

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