The entire front rests on such guys: the special military operation participant was awarded a medal

Thu, 19/10/2023 - 16:14

A fighter from South Ossetia, an active participant in the special military operation, Dzambolat Valiev was awarded the medal “For Courage” by the decree of President of Russia. The award was presented to Valiev by the commander of the third reconnaissance and assault detachment Dmitry Khabalov with the call sign “Highlander”.

For this reason, Khabalov and his colleagues came to Tskhinval from the front line of the special military operation.

“Dzambolat has been in the special military operation since the first days, and has always shown himself to be a brave fighter. Almost the entire front rests on these guys. These are simple patriots who cannot speak beautifully, but can do beautifully, and our entire homeland rests on such guys,” Khabalov said.

He has noted that Valiev was also nominated for the Order of Courage.

A letter of gratitude was also presented to the hero’s mother, Dinara Kisieva, expressing gratitude to her for raising a great patriot, a worthy person.

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