We see by our own example the double standards of the Strasbourg court: Inal Tasoev commented on the decision of the ECHR

Wed, 10/04/2024 - 16:16

The Strasbourg court has long ceased to be a symbol of justice and legality, where all applicants have equal rights, Presidential Commissioner for Human Rights of South Ossetia Inal Tasoev said, commenting on the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on Georgia's lawsuit against Russia.

"Based on the political realities, the events that are taking place in the world today, the unprecedented pressure that Russia is under from the collective West, it was difficult to count on any other outcome," Tasoev said.

According to him, the Strasbourg court has long turned into a politicized body that uses double standards in its activities.

“We see this very well and continue to see it from our own example,” the ombudsman has noted. “Thousands of lawsuits from residents of South Ossetia were sent in 2008 with complaints about fundamental rights, such as “the right to life,” “protection of property.”

The complaints described in detail how our citizens were exposed to mortal danger, how residential areas were bombed, and how their property was being destroyed in front of people.”

Tasoev has added that all complaints were accompanied by numerous materials proving all these violations.

“However, after many years, all complaints were rejected and they were considered simply unacceptable, without even considering them on their merits, without examining the numerous evidence that was at the disposal of the Court.

Therefore, today’s decision of the Court once again shows the full value of the “European justice” based on lies, bias and double standards,” the Ombudsman has emphasized.

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