South Ossetia made the first beer delivery to the Crimea

Tue, 23/04/2024 - 09:50

The company "High Mountain Kel Brewery" from South Ossetia carried out the first delivery of beer of three varieties in the amount of 26 thousand bottles to the Crimea the day before, the Republic's trade representative in Russia Taimuraz Goginov said.

The information was published on the official website of Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of South Ossetia.

As noted by the Ministry of Economic Development, in the future it is planned to increase the volume of beer supplies to Crimea, taking into account the demand for the product.

"In February of this year, a government delegation from South Ossetia led by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance Dzambolat Tadtaev took part in the first meeting of the Joint Working Group on the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of South Ossetia and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea on trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation.

The parties discussed the entire range of cooperation issues and agreed to provide each other with specific goods,” the statement of the Ministry’s press service reads.

It was noted that in furtherance of the agreements reached at the meeting, the enterprise - the High Mountain Kel Brewery) (the settlement of Leningor ) made the first supply of beer to the Crimea the day before.

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