Выборы - 2009

Press-Release on RSO Parliament Election

25/05/2009 - 14:24

On 31 May 2009, 5th Parliament Election will be held in South Ossetia. The election will be conducted according to proportionate system. Four political parties will participate:
- Communist Party of the RSO, ChairmanStanislav Yakovlevish Kochiev, 23 nominees in the party list;
- The Republican Party "Edinstvo", Chairman Zurab Revazovich Kokoev, 34 nominees in the party list;
- "Narodnaya Partia" (People's Party"), Chairman Kazimir Kazbekovich Pliev, 26 nominees in the party list;
- Republican Socialist Party “Fydybasta” (Motherland), Chairman Vyacheslav Fedorovich Gobozov, 10 nominees on the party list.