A Discussion Club “For Transparent and Fair Election” opened in South Ossetia

Wed, 27/05/2009 - 11:24

An independent discussion club “For transparent and fair election: has been opened in Tskhinval. The Club was initiated by the Human Rights Commissioner of South Ossetia and Association of non-profit organizations (ANOP) for electoral rights “Civil Control”.
At the opening ceremony the Human rights Commissioner David Sanakoev stressed that round-tables and debates would be taking place at the club devoted to the upcoming election in South Ossetia. “Such actions will bring more clarity to the election process. We have the possibility to raise questions directly with the parties’ representatives, as well as to those people who are ready and able to answer them,” said Sanakoev.
The representative of the Association of NPO “Civil Control” Georgy Federov stated that his organizations had been successfully working in Russia through lifting social tensions and following the transparence and fairness of the election. “Together with the Human Rights Commissioner we have decided that it would be good to have a working office of “Civil Control” on the territory of the independent state of the Republic of South Ossetia during the parliamentary election in order to decrease possible tensions, compile information on possible breaches and would present this information to the Central Election Commission and to the parties. And certainly, it would be positive if the participating parties would hold open and fair debates through the last week before the election date to make civil society visible and prove that parliamentarianism id developing in the right direction,” said Federov.
His colleague from “Civil Control” Alexei Martinov noted that the upcoming parliamentary election is an exam to prove maturity of democracy and the society in South Ossetia. “This election are of course different from the election processes held here before, since this is the first election in the situation of a recognized state. I am convinced that this election will be held in a well-through manner, as it always happened in South Ossetia with correct, clear reulsts”. said Martinov. He stressed that the “Institute for new states”, which he was head of, had helped the “Civil Control” to arrive in South Ossetia and he expressed his hope that it would be useful for the whole South Ossetian society.
“I would like to underline that our club is the an independent public venue, therefore, there will be no official or state structures. I hope that this will bring about the atmosphere of open and frank discussions between the parties and the public”, emphasized Martinov. He laso informed that before the election date, round-tables and debates devoted to the Parliamentary election will be held on a daily basis.

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