Georgian authorities prevent the RSO population from voting

Sun, 31/05/2009 - 14:29

Tbilisi is making attempts to hinder the Parliamentary election in South Ossetia. Being unable to influence the free will of the Ossetian people, the Georgian authorities is doing everything to complicate the access of the population to the polling stations.
According to the reports of the head of Leningor district A. Margiev, today since early morning the Georgian authorities blocked the South Ossetian-Georgian border and are not allowing South Ossetian citizens to enter the territory of the RSO to participate in the election.
“Many of those who yesterday or the day before yesterday went to visit their relatives in Georgia are now standing on the other side of the borderline. These people were planning to return today to South Ossetia and take part in the election, but the Georgian side is not allowing anyone out”, told Margiev on the phone.
“The Georgian military servicemen protecting the border gave no explanation to their action, however, one of them stated that those willing to enter the territory of South Ossetia would be able to do so only late at night. It is clear that the Georgian authorities are dragging time until the polling stations are closed to then allow South Ossetian citizens to cross the border and return to their homes”, added Margiev.

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