Bella Plieva: “Voting is ongoing without any incidents”

Sun, 31/05/2009 - 14:24

At 8 a.m., all 95 polling stations, at which elections to the RSO Parliament are taking place, were opened. The voting process is ongoing without any incidents, reported the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Bella Plieva during the press-conference at CEC Informational Center “Parliamentary Election 2009” .
Bella Plieva draw journalists’ attention to the scheme of transmitting information on the Parliamentary Election through communication channels.
“Data from the stations’ election commissions goes to district election commission, then it reaches the CEC and to Informational Center.
Apart from this, at the central square of the city all the same data will be transmitted on a big screen with gets dark in the evening,” said Plieva.
She noted that many media representatives, both South Ossetian and foreign, are covering the election.
“All together there are 134 journalists from 46 media sources, including 95 representatives of foreign media”, concluded the CEC Chairperson.
“There is a significant interest among foreign observers accredited at CEC toward the Parliamentary Election of South Ossetia.”
“78 international observers have been accredited by the CEC, including 11 observers from Europe,” reported Plieva.
She explained that in accordance with the Constitutional Law “On Parliamentary Election” the election is held according to proportionate system.
“It means that 34 MP seats will be distributed among political parties, which had registered their lists of nominees and which had gone through the barrier, proportionately to the number of voters submitted for corresponding nominee lists. Thus, the seats will be distributed only among those parties which got 7% and more votes. Each elector will cast a vote note later than 8 p.m.for one of the four parties included into the ballot paper. These are the following parties: RSO Communist Party, Republican Political Party “Edisntvo”, Socialist Party “Fydybasta” and “People’s Party”, informed Plieva.

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