6 Polling Stations in North Ossetia are open from 8 a.m. for South Ossetia’s Parliamentary Election

Sun, 31/05/2009 - 14:27

“The voting to South Ossetian Parliament on the territory of North Ossetia is ongoing smoothly. At each of the polling station, representatives of the four political parties are present. Security is maintained, the attendance is quite high since morning, “ reported the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of North Ossetia Konstantin Kadiev.
He noted that he acts as an international observer at the polling station No. 90 located at Gorski Agrarian University.
“Since the very opening of the polling station, the participation is quite active here. No breaches have been recorded so far. The situation is calm. Similar situation is at other polling station”, explained Kadiev. In his turn, the chairman of the respective election commission Valentin Chochiev informed that as of now 1,500 people cast their vote.
“We are ready to start home visits with our mobile ballot boxes to the voters, who are unable to attend the polling stations”, noted Chochiev.
Six polling stations were opened in North Ossetia: two in Vladikavkaz, two in the village of Nogir (suburbs of Vladikavkaz) and one per Kirov and Alagir districts.
All residents and visitors possessing South Ossetian citizenship may cast their vote in North Ossetia.

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