Archive - 8/7/2011

Fri, 08/07/2011 - 13:56

The Georgian criminals are detained in South Ossetia

The KGB RSO information

At the end of June through the official representative of the KGB RSO Frontier service the official appeal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has come in the authorities of South Ossetia with the request of searching for the persons who have committed crimes in the territory of Georgia. In the result of the undertaken measures, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RSO has detained the citizens of Georgia Irakly Saakashvili and Gabriel Basharuli who were hiding out in the territory of Leningorskiy region of the Republic. Now they are transferred to the KGB RSO Frontier service. At present investigating actions for establishing the reasons of their staying in the Republic of South Ossetia are being carried out. It is planned their further transference to the Georgian side.