Archive - 19/9/2011

Mon, 19/09/2011 - 19:42

Military parade and a business forum will be held in South Ossetia in the Republic Day

On September, 20 the 21st anniversary of formation of the Republic of South Ossetia will be celebrated In South Ossetia. Traditional military parade will take place in the main square of Tskhinval; military men of the Republic law enforcement agencies and military men of the fourth Russian military base and the Russian frontier guards will take part in the parade. The same day two exhibitions of the South Ossetian artists will be opened in Tskhinval and the festive concert with participation of the Russian crooner, the Honoured Artist of South Ossetia Avraam Russo will also take place. One of the main events is the first Russian-South Ossetian business forum - «Construction of the modern state through effective economy» -which will be held in Tskhinval.

Eduard Kokoity is elected as the Chairman of the ruling party "Unity"

The President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity has been elected as the Chairman of the party at the VIII congress of the Republican political party "Unity". Eduard Kokoity has been nominated for the party presidency by the Chairman of the Central Political Council of the Party Zurab Kokoev. According to Kokoev, changes and additions in the charter of the Party "Unity" have recently been confirmed: according to them the congress has established the Supreme Elective Office of the Chairman of the Party.

Mon, 19/09/2011 - 11:09

The delegation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has visited South Ossetia

The Republic of South Ossetia was visited by delegation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. A number of meetings with representatives of the authorities, scientists of the Republic of South Ossetia and representatives of the Cossacks have taken place. The delegation has included - the deputy of the Feodosijsky region Yury Pershikov, the deputy of the Bakhchisarai regional council Sergey Jurchenko, the adviser of the Commission for Culture of the Supreme body of Crimea Oleg Rodivilov, the deputy of the Inkermonsky City Council Victor Babushkin, the deputy of the Zujsky settlement council Victor Sidenko and the journalist enlighten the combat operations in South Ossetia in 1992 Vadim Telichev.

Mon, 19/09/2011 - 11:03

Eduard Kokoity: the Forum "Sochi-2011" will promote the economy of South Ossetia

Participation of South Ossetia in the X-th International investment forum "Sochi-2011" is of great importance for further socio-economic development of the Republic. As the President of the RSO Eduard Kokoity has informed the correspondent of the news agency "RES" at the forum "Sochi-2011"«such actions are very important, as they allow to exchange experience, to find new ways of development, to solve socio- economic problems, to build new bridges in further cooperation of South Ossetia and Russia».