The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The Eyewitnesses are telling. Ashraf El Sabbah

09/08/2011 - 17:18

The third anniversary of the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia. The American genie is let out in the Caucasus

Ashraf El Sabbah, the Egyptian publicist, the correspondent of TV channel Russia Today (the Arabian edition)

The western mass-media have tried to represent the war between Georgia and South Ossetia –unrecognized at that moment, -as the war between Russia and Georgia. However, real events from the moment of the arrival of these lines` author on the border of Georgia and South Ossetia in the morning of August, 8 till the moment of his expelling with his colleagues from Georgia to Armenia through the mountains on the night of August, 10 testify that Georgia has begun the war developed by 200 American experts, being then in the Georgian capital. In the morning of August, 8, 2008 more than 50 tanks and 20 APC made their way to the Georgian-South-Ossetian border.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later. Aleda Bestaeva

09/08/2011 - 12:03

In Russia we were waited by our family and friends, and behind us was the hostile Georgia

Each inhabitant of South Ossetia has his own history of the Five-day war in August, 2008. Our readers are well enough familiar with sequence of the basic events and the main persons involved in the events of the August war, which third anniversary will be marked the next week.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later.

07/08/2011 - 18:20


On the 1st of August the Georgians, as usual, shelled the city. That evening seven people were
killed and four wounded in the blasts. These were the first steps to war, the rst challenge thrown out
against the Ossetians, or, more properly, this was a stage of the challenge that has lasted since I was
born, from 1992.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later.

07/08/2011 - 18:13

The night from 7–8 August 2008 after Saakashvili has declared cease-re and the people calmed down a little, many went to bed. No one could expect that Saakashvili has deceitfully lied to them (although it was not the rst time).
At 11.50 THE ATROCITIES OF WAR PERFORMED BY THE GEORGIAN TROOPS BEGAN. We descended into the cellar, to shelter from the shooting attack. There was no electricity there, no water, and no food. Though, we didn’t think much of hunger – if only we could escape death, we thought. We had no idea of what happened in the city, with our dear – it was impossible even to peep out.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The eyewitnesses are telling. Irina Maldzigova

06/08/2011 - 18:18

Maldzigova Irina Vazhaevna, 1984 year of birth, an inhabitant of Tskhinval:

That summer was very hot and dry. My son, Alimchik, was not two months yet. He was born on June, 19, he was very capricious child. Probably he felt the tight situation which reigned not only in each house, but also all over the town, as if hovering in the air. I was nervous, because my husband all time disappeared at his work, as well as all the other men, defending our Republic.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The eyewitnesses are telling. Eteri Gabueva

05/08/2011 - 12:40

Gabueva Eteri Ilyinichna, 1934 year of birth, an inhabitant of Tskhinval.

In August, 2008, because of constant bombardment of Tskhinval from Georgia, we had to send our children to Vladikavkaz. I, myself, remained in the town with my daughter and my husband. On the night of August, 8 strong explosions resounded through the town. It was clear that the war had begun. We did not know when the end would come. The blast wave provoked certain rumble in my ears; the debris broke the glasses of the windows. We suffered the horror much worse than during the first war (1992). That night the Georgian planes were bombing the town, they hit our houses whistling. I, an elderly woman, thought that I had suffered all the hard time in my life; however it was only the beginning.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The eyewitnesses are telling. Alla Dzhioeva

04/08/2011 - 13:19

August, 2008 - for ever in our hearts and thoughts!

It’s said, that time is the best doctor and it sorts things out. Do not believe it, time only gives the chance to feel deeper the past, to realize fervently that all what have happened was not a dream. Twenty years in the conditions of wartime - not only a dimension of time, - but no any Ossetian will forget it. The war in 2008… These several days at the beginning of August have touched deeply the destiny of everyone who has remained in South Ossetia, having left persistent wounds and bitterness of irreplaceable losses. To arrange purgatory to the whole nation at the beginning of the 21th century only because they are the Ossetians, as well as any other people who have a right to decide their destiny to be free- it is above understanding of any normal man. But, unfortunately, it has happened, and one cannot forget it. Yes, in summer 2008 the Georgian neo-fascists strained the situation to unimaginable limits around South Ossetia.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The Eyewitnesses are telling. Xenia Guchmazova

02/08/2011 - 16:39

Three years have passed after the August war in 2008, however everybody who have been in South Ossetia during this period, will .never forget the endured horror. On the night of August, 8, I was at home, together with my daughter, my husband and my small grandsons. My sons were at their post. I was frightened to death when the bombardment of the town began. We have picked up the children and have gone down into the cellar. I can not recover from the endured nightmare hitherto. Light has been instantly switched off; it was very dark, we could not even dare to light on candles. I hoped that by the morning the bombardment would abate, but it was only a dream…Thoughts about my sons did not give me any rest.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The eyewitnesses are telling. Eugenia Dzhioeva

02/08/2011 - 15:22

One should not forget those horrible days

In the nineties of the last century as a result of so-called perestroika the scale process of the USSR collapse has begun. The Georgian Republic one of the first has withdrawn from the USSR and has declared itself the independent Republic. After that the former regions have separated from Georgia. Abkhazia has also declared itself the independent Republic. Adzharia nominally was a part of Georgia, but it actually began an independent course of internal and foreign policy. South Ossetia has also withdrawn from the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic and proclaimed itself the independent Republic.

The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The eyewitnesses are telling. Anfisa Plieva

26/07/2011 - 09:37

Plieva Anfisa Anatoljevna, 1955 date of birth, an inhabitant of Tskhinval

I cannot get over awful explosions in August, 2008 so far. One cannot express this horror by words. How can I express my feelings when I was confident that I would die, that I would not escape? On the night of August, 8 I was at home, together with my daughter and my mother-in-law, my son was at his post. We have jumped up at 12 o'clock in the evening when the blast was resounded, and we ran into the cellar. The refuge was not deserved to be called refuge. Through the windows we could see the Georgian tanks passing along the streets.