The georgian side has surrounded with a veil of secrecy the situation around the monument to victims of the Great Patriotic War

Fri, 24/08/2007 - 08:58

As the correspondent of the agency «Res» has been informed at the information-analytical department of the ministry under special commissions, the council of veterans of the Republic of South Ossetia has addressed the staff of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces with the request to check up the reliability of the information about the demolition of a monument to victims of the Great Patriotic War in the village Tamarasheni. However the georgian side has admitted nobody to the location of the monument and has not allowed to hold a monitoring, and the representative of the peacemakers from the georgian side Kakha Urushadze in an oral form has informed, that the monument was not dismantled but renovated. These words contradict the day before spread information of the georgian authorities that no monument was and had been at this place, and the question was of a memorial board, that nobody touched.
The absence of trustworthy information from the place of events does not allow establishing, what actually has happened to the monument: whether it is still on its place or is dismantled all the same.

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