Georgian police at the illegal posts impedes foodstuffs carriage to Ossetian settlements

Fri, 14/03/2008 - 15:53

«On 12 March 2008 on the request of South Ossetian side, pertaining to problems of Znaur region inhabitants’ passage through the Georgian administered village Avnevi creating by Georgian police servicemen, a monitoring was conducted on the rout of Tskhinval-Khetagurovo-Avnevi-Didmukha-OP PF RNO-Alania «Muguti»-Muguti-Tskhinval». This was reported to IA «Res» correspondent assistant of JPKF Commander on links with media lieutenant colonel Yuri Vereschak. «During the monitoring it was confirmed that the servicemen of Georgian illegal post in Avnevi village impedes foodstuffs carriage to local citizens from Tskhinval to Znaur region. JPKF headquarters considers that such actions of law enforcement organs of Georgian MIA causes numeral grievances of peaceful population of both sides and promote the destabilization of situation in the conflict zone»-said Yuri Vereschak.

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