ICRC Assists in Rehabilitation of Private Housing in South Ossetia

Thu, 04/12/2008 - 12:18

Tskhinval (ICRC), 27 November 2008 – Today, the ICRC delivered 68 tons of cement for rehabilitation of 20 private houses in the villages of Dmenis, Khetagurovo and Satikar and reconstruction sites in Tskhinval damaged during the August hostilities.
«This assistance is a part of our bigger program which envisages a forthcoming delivery of 12,600 sq. m of window glass and roofing material for the same category of beneficiaries to help them reconstruct their houses before snowfalls», said Alexander Mailyan, the ICRC engineer. «The beneficiaries of the program were identified through the assessment carried out by the ICRC reaching the most vulnerable people».
The Water and Habitat program commenced in August with emergency water supply at Tskhinval main hospital by means of installing two water reservoirs at the central building of the hospital and ensuring daily water tankering. Twelve kindergartens in Tskhinval have been supplied with water tanks and electric pumps to ensure constant access to potable water at these institutions. In Leningor district, the ICRC supplied local schools, a hospital and an orphanage with water and sanitation.

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