New Book on South Ossetian Genocide Was Published

Tue, 27/01/2009 - 16:57

A new book titled "The Tragedy of South Ossetia: A Limitless Genocide" has been published in South Ossetia. The author of the book is Alexei Margiev an well-known gatherer of information on South Ossetia"s contemporary history.
This compilation contains about a thousand pictures depicting the whole tragedy of the aggression committed by Georgia against South Ossetia. Even those who were not well-informed about the events could gain a clear understanding of the scope of evil and the treats the population of South Ossetia had to face, how close the South Ossetian ethnos was to accomplishment of its foe"s plans, if only the people had not hold their arms and defend themselves.
The text of the compilation is in Russian, English and in some cases in Ossetian, Georgianm German, and French languages. This would certainly broaden the number of readers.
The events of the Year 2004 when the authorities of Georgia headed by Saakashvili had again attempted a forceful settlement of the South Ossetian problem, are collected into a separate chapter.
In general, the book is a document brightly revealing the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia on the one hand, and evidence of heroism of the Ossetian people o the other hand.

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