Murat Djioev: "We consider the acts of OSCE Mission military monitors as provocative"

Thu, 12/02/2009 - 16:21

"The repeated cases of violation of the RSO state border by OSCE Mission military monitors contribute to aggravation of the situation and speak for the fact that the OSCE military observers could not cope with their functions which they still have in Georgia", said RSO Foreign Minister Murat Djioev.
"Two days in a row the military observers of the OSCE Mission to Georgia attempted an illegal penetration into the territory of Tskhinval district of the Republic of South Ossetia and were stopped in the area of Adsvistavi village.
Yesterday, on 10 February, after the follow-up clarifications they stated that they happened to be here on a mistaken and had left the territory of the RSO. We considered it as a misunderstanding by the OSCE Mission. Nonetheless, today at 10 o"clock, the military monitors of the OSCE Mission again appeared at the same place. This we can consider only as a provocation from their side since the OSCE Mission to Georgia has no mandate for its presence on the territory of South Ossetia after the August events", said Murat Djioev.
"Taking into consideration the fact that the OSCE Mission Mandate closes up in the coming days, we consider today"s acts of the military monitors as provocative to aggravate the situation before the Geneva discussions", he added.
Murat Djioev had also stated the readiness of South Ossetia for cooperation with international community, including the OSCE Mission. "We had repeatedly proposed the OSCE Mission to set the grounds for our future relations based on the fact of our recognition and suggested the OSCE to consider the possibility to open OSCE Mission in RSO and conclude a corresponding Memorandum with the authorities of South Ossetia".

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