Boris Chochiev: It is necessary to sign a legally binding document on non-use if force

Fri, 20/02/2009 - 14:48

At 17-18 February Geneva talks, the participants discussed and agreed proposals on joint mechanisms for prevention and rapid-reaction in cases of incidents. This was reported by Boris Chochiev, Post-conflict settlement Plenipotentiary, in his phone conversation with IA RES.
"The proposals are aimed at excluding the probability of military force and equipment concentration and provocations by the Georgian side on the territories adjacent to borders of South Ossetia, to ensure rapid reaction to solve security related issues, including incidents and their investigation", said Chochiev.
To implement these mechanisms, working groups have been established comprised of the sides" law enforcement and security related structures" representatives and international organization of OSCE and EU to monitor the situation in the areas of their responsibility and in accordance with their mandates.
"To follow the implementation of these mechanisms, there will be weekly meetings on the territory of Georgia adjacent to South Ossetia in the area of vil. Ergneti. In emergency cases, jointly coordinated visit to incident sites will be organized", said Chochiev.
Boris Chochiev had also underlined that first, it was necessary to resolve the security problem and elimination of grounds for resumption of armed activities by the Georgian side against South Ossetia".
"It is crucially important to sign a legally binding documents on non-use of force", said Chochiev. As to the question of refugees, Boris Chochiev informed that no agreement have been reached.
"No agreements have been reached on the issues related to refugees and humanitarian aid. We emphasized that we would not accept any humanitarian aid coming from Georgia. Any organization willing to provide assistance, should individually solve the problem of opening its office in South Ossetia and discuss all modalities and even routes", concluded Chochiev.
The Geneva talks on South Caucasus are held in accordance with Russian-French cease-fire plan which put en end to Georgian aggression against South Ossetia in August 2008. The first three rounds of the talks were held in October, November and December 2008.

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