Eduard Kokoity held a meeting with ministers and heads of departments

Tue, 24/03/2009 - 13:40

President of the RSO Eduard Kokoity held a meeting with ministers and heads of departments. The meeting started with law enforcement bodies" report.
Interior Minister Valeri Valiev reported on the criminal situation through 16-23 March. According to the Minister, on 20 March a constructor has been hit by in a car accident in "Moskovski" district of the city. The constructor was badly injured and later died
The RSO Defense Minister Yuri Tanaev rported on the situation in borderline areas. According to Defense Minister, "the situation at the RSO borderline is stable. The Ministry was conducting a scheduled military training."
Heads of other defense and law enforcement structures, as well as rural administrations had also reported on the situation. Justice Minister Atsamaz Bichenov reported about the acitivities of his Ministry.
Anatoly Bibilov, the Minister for Emergency Situations informed the gathering about anti-flood operations in Kvaisa. "We plan to conduct anti-flood operation in Leningor district this week", said Anatoly Bibilov.
Minister for Press and Media Irina Gagloeva raised the issue on the necessity to purchase printing equipment. The Minister stressed that the situation was critical.
During the meeting, the participants had also discussed road connection with remote areas of South Ossetia, tax revenue for electricity and natural gas. The President tasked related agencies to make proposals on how this situation could be improved.

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