Compensation Payouts Resume in South Ossetia

Mon, 27/04/2009 - 18:57

The process of compensations payouts to the population affected during the Georgian aggression will restart in the nearest future, reported the RSO President Eduard Kokoity at the session of the RSO Government. "The arrival of the Deputy EMERCOM Ruslan Tsalikov is related not only to inspection at sites under EMERCOM's reconstruction, but the issue of 50,000-compensation payouts to the population will be settled. We are resuming this process. I would like to address the RSO Finance Minister, as well as other structures which are involved in the process, to jointly prepare with the National Bank and RSO Sberbank all mechanisms to restart the payouts of compensations", said the President. As it was already reported, a visit of the Russian Federation Government delegation to South Ossetia is expected tomorrow, on 28 April.

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