Madina Chekhoeva: :Today we have financial resources and we will provide assistance to our citizens”

Tue, 05/05/2009 - 18:20

The Government Presidium session approved the list of pensioners, who receive the RSO pension. And are entitled for a lump-sum benefit of 3,000 RUR. The session had also approved the list of wounded and killed during the August events. Madina Chekhoeva, Deputh Minister of Health and Social Development, told the IA RES on about the process of implementation of these programs.
“The citizens of South Ossetia who receive pension in South Ossetia will be provided with a lump-sum benefit of 3,000 RUR. Apart from this, assistance will be provided to those people who received wounds and to the families of those killed during the August aggression or in terrorist attacks. The lists had been approved. Now, technical issues are to be settled as to payouts of these compensations. Today we have financial resources to help our citizens”, she said.

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