Georgia's lack in sense of morality

Thu, 28/05/2009 - 14:52

From the standpoint of big politics, an ordinary person and his life is something easily sacrificed for the sake of notorious "state's interests". The authorities of Georgia in this sense went farther than this carrying to absurdity their negligence towards common human values.
At all times, the last will of a perished was respected. When 38-year old cancer diseased Guram Kusraev asked to e buried in Tbilisi beside the grave of his father, the relatives had certainly promised him to fulfill his request. Guram died in few days.
The relatives might be able to fulfill his last will and bury him at the place where he had to flee from in 90s, but "big politics" interfered: an Ossetian, even dead, was not allowed to Georgia.
Guram Kusraev's relatives addressed whoever they could. Some people helped them to contact the International Committee for the Red Cross and the EU military monitors in Georgia. Even the interference of international agencies did not help to convince Georgian authorities to concede their anti-Ossetian principles for the sake of the most sacred thing. As a result, the ambulance vehicle which arrived from Tbilisi to take the body of Guram Kusraev, was not let through the Georgian-Ossetian border.
According to Georgian authorities, Kusraev will "illegally cross the border|. As explained by the Special Representative for Post-Conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev who was dealing with this issue "the Georgian side had not decided whether to let the vehicle through or not, we believe that common sense will prevail over political ambitions of officials".

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