New round of Geneva discussions ahead

Mon, 15/06/2009 - 18:50

On 16 June, a delegation of representatives of the EU, OSCE and UN will arrive in SOuth Ossetia. The delegation includes the Special Representative of the OSCE Greek Chairmanship Christopoulos Charalampos, UN SG Special Representative Johann Verbeke and EU Envoy Pierre Morel and other representatives of these organizations.
In Tskhinval, the delegation will be received by the Special Representatives for Post-Conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev. The meeting will be attended by the Deputy Foreign Minister Alan Pliev, Assistant to the President Konstantin Kochiev and Deputy Special Representative Merab Chigoev.
As Boris Chochiev told IA RES, the delegation's arrival is related to the upcoming round of Geneva discussions scheduled for 1 July 2009.
"The delegation to the Republic of South Ossetia is arriving by vehicles of the UNHCR in the Russian Federation", underlined Chochiev.

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