Representatives of South Ossetia to participate in the Second Conference of the Geneva Call

Mon, 15/06/2009 - 18:53

The Second Conference of signatories to the "Act of Commitments to Observe Total Ban on Anti-Personal Mines and Cooperation in Mine Actions" proposed by Geneva Call will be held in Geneva 17-19 June. As the RSO Human Right Commissioner David Sanakoev to represent the South Ossetian side at the Conference told IA RES, the meeting aims at gathering together the signatories to the Act, as well as the sides, which did not sign it, but with which the Geneva call maintains a dialogue. "Taking into consideration the goals of the First Conference and the signatories of 2004, this meeting will focus on evaluation of achievements and problems encountered in the course of the Act's implementation, to discuss the most effective ways of coordinating this process and it will also allow the participants to share experience and measures taken to decrease the impact of anti-personal mines on civilian population", said Sanakoev, adding that first plenary sessions will be conducted within the frames of the Conference.
According to him, the Geneva Call is planning to organize an ad hoc meeting with representatives of entities not recognized by international community.
"As emphasized by the Geneva Call representatives, this meeting will provide the states with an opportunity to exchange their experience in relation to anti-personal mines and efforts made in this regard", added Sanakoev.

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