Inhabitants of borderline villages of South Ossetia are afraid of new shelling from Georgia

Fri, 31/07/2009 - 15:06

Today, the first Vice-Premier of South Ossetia Khasan Pliev met with inhabitants of the village of Tsnelis, Znaur district. The meeting focused on security for inhabitants of the village. According to residents of Tsnelis, their main concerns were over the fact that their village has been previously subjected to shelling from the Georgian side, in which four people died. The villagers were afraid of repeated incidents of the kind.
“The situation is complicated. We are living in constant fear. Recently, armed Georgians were noticed in our village. After the withdrawal of peacekeeping forces from the village and moreover, after the yesterday’s explosions the situation is frightening”, said the villagers.

The meeting was attended by the RSO Defense Minister Yury Tanaev who reported that the Ministry is dealing with this problem and the issue with security for the inhabitants will be settled in two-three days.
“Questions related to security for the citizens of South Ossetia are under consideration at the highest level. Georgian will not attack in the nearest future, but nonetheless, we should take measures to stabilize the situation”, said Tanaev.
Apart from security problems, the meeting had also focused on the construction of roads, payout of compensations to residents affected with 2008 war and summer vocation in the Russian Federation for South Ossetian children.

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